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Wellington Reuses
Rules & Policies

The Corporation of the County of Wellington does not allow listings for:

  • firearms, explosives, or ammunition

  • weapons

  • illegal goods

  • hazardous materials

  • medications

  • infant cribs or beds

  • infant or child car seats

  • live animals

By posting a listing on this exchange, users agree that The Corporation of the County of Wellington (“the County”) is NOT LIABLE for the suitability or safety of any item and accepts no liability for any harm arising from the use of any material listed or the suitability of any material for any purpose whatsoever. The use of this exchange does not create guarantees or warranties, either express or implied, of any kind whatsoever. Receivers of material must satisfy themselves in all respects. Please review the full details of the County’s exclusion of liabilities set out under the User Agreement heading.